George  Washington  Maher

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Currently there isn't a monograph about George W. Maher in print, although there are reports of a couple of authors with manuscripts in progress. The following books contain discussions about Maher's history within the Prairie School and Arts and Crafts movements;

“Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright and Prairie School Architecture in Oak Park, Illinois“ by Paul E. Sprague

“Pleasant Home 1897: A History of the John Farson House, George Washington Maher, Architect” by Kathleen Ann Cummings.

"The Chicago School Of Architecture", by Carl W. Condit

“Prairie School Architecture: Studies from The Western Architect”, H. Allen Brooks (editor)

“George W. Maher - Architect of the Prairie School”. The Prairie School Review, Vol 1, No.1, by J. William Rudd

“North Shore Chicago: Houses of the Lakefront Suburbs” by Stuart Cohen and Susan Benjamin

“The Great Houses of Chicago, 1871-1921” by Stuart Cohen and Susan Benjamin

“The Prairie School: Frank Lloyd Wright and his Midwest Contemporaries”, by H. Allen Brooks

“Arts and Crafts Furniture” by Kevin Rodel and Jonathan Binzen

“The Arts & Crafts Movement in Europe & America” by Wendy Kaplan


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Links to sites with George W. Maher history and information

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